Sheffield United Off The Mark Again

According to Alan Nixon Sheffield United are coming back for a 3rd bid for Lenihan.

Apparently it is way under the valuation and there probably won’t be any hesitation from Rovers to reject the offer.

The Sheffield United manager has refused to comment on any speculation, but said he is confident of getting deals done on his top targets.

“I’m not going to talk about other players, there’s certain players I have talked about because I have had to because it’s come from other things.

                                           Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder did confirm that he wants to bring in a central defender and the deal make be some way off competition.

“We’re in for a central defender, a central midfield player and maybe something at the top of the pitch but there’s a hell of a long way to go.

                                            Chris Wilder

It’s not looking like Untied are will to pay full price for the Irish defender and may just be trying to rock the boat to see if anyone falls off.

There is no news on how much the 3rd offer will be, but I imagine it’s under £3 million plus add-ons. 

So as it stands Lenihan will not be leaving Ewood Park unless someone comes in with a serious offer. 

Should we be selling Lenihan?


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