Caddis Hard Work Pays Off

Mowbray told the LT, he always knew Caddis had the quality, but it was the fitness that concerned him.

“I have always know that Caddy is a good player since I had him as a kid at Celtic. I had no fears, 
I have seen him play for Birmingham City for a good number of years, I just needed to see his 
fitness levels were right.
                                                                                                                          Lancashire Telegraph 

Caddis scored 2 goals against York last night, playing as a wing back, showing his versatility.
Playing in every game so far, he has shown some promising play and has also shown Rovers fans what he can offer.

The former Birmingham man has done enough to end any questions on his fitness, with Mowbray pleased at the extra effort put in over the last few weeks.

“He had let them slip a little bit, he’s done a lot of work behind the scenes, running and extra work,
 and part of our club that comes in at 8am every morning to do some fat burning work on top of the 
football stuff that the rest of the group are doing.

“Caddy has worked extremely hard and we will see what decision we make over the next couple 
of days.”
                                                                                                                       Lancashire Telegraph

Caddis is likely to be used a change of pace from Ryan Nyambe and will provide more experience to the squad and Nyambe.

Caddis joined his former manager Lee Clark at Bury for the 2nd half of last season. After he was released from Birmingham City, when they appointed Gianfranco as the new manager back in January 2017.

Caddis only played 1 game for Birmingham last season before his release. He then played 13 games for Bury before his contract expired this summer.

Caddis is set to sign a contract this week, as Mowbray looks to get at least 4 more additions before the first game at Southend on 5th August.


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