Interest In Bennet Hotting Up

Everyone knew coming into the summer, there would be interest in a number of our players. To be honest, up to now it’s been quiet, but thing could be about to change.

Fulham and Sheffield Wednesday are showing some interest in Elliott Bennett. I would imagine that he could command a fee of around £3 Million, but that could be less considering he is in his last year of his contract. I doubt Mowbray would be willing to sell him, as he has become a solid player for Rovers after getting off to a shaky start, when he was signed back in January 2016.

Bennett was probably a close contender to winning Rovers player of the year award last season and will surely plan to be a big part of Mowbray’s attacking squad this season. He has only scored 6 times in 40 appearances, he will be looking to add to that this season as Rovers aims for 70+ goals.

It’s a tough situation, does Mowbray risk holding on, in the hope Bennett can help us back up and then potentially get nothing if he leaves next summer. Or does in cash in now, giving him a bigger pot to reshape his squad. The best way to solve this would be to hand Bennett a new 3-4 year deal, that is of course if he wants that.

With Rovers expecting the 4th offer for Lenihan and now potential interest from the Championship for Bennet, fans could be in for a nervous month and a half. We have yet to see any interest in Mulgrew or Derrick Williams, who after getting the player of the year, could be the 4th player in a row to leave Rovers the season after getting the award.

Bennett is our best winger at the moment and like Lenihan, it’s vital we try to keep hold of him. But what are your thoughts, do we sell him now for a fee or keep hold, in the hope he will re-sign next summer?


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